Pamphlets and brochures on island life, of specific interest to Protection residents.

Island Life
A list of things every islander should know.

Check out the Community Garden at Smuggler's Park to socialize, pick up fresh produce, or just enjoy the quiet surroundings!

Wildlife Updates
What is the current Heron population? How do I make a smelly sea otter go away? And by the way, a deer ate everything in my garden.

Recycle Program
Services to help get food on and garbage off the island.

Outdoor Burning
Important things to keep in mind if you want to burn your yard waste.

Septic Info
Did you know septic tanks commonly have three layers? Terry's article on how to find out just how much room your tank actually has can save you a lot of money.

Historic Timeline
Long before Protection Island was part of the City of Nanaimo, even before BC was part of Canada, history was being made. This timeline helps us remember important dates along this journey.

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