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Finding help for a particular job can sometimes be difficult for residents. The below list highlights local talent on the island, along with folks in town who are willing to service nearby Protection.

Island Gifts

Island Gifts

Arlene Blackwell
Beach glass jewellery and handmade soaps made from olive oil.
iarrh@yahoo.ca or arleneblackwell53@gmail.com

Alison Watt
I am an author and visual artist. I paint and teach from my garden studio on Protection Island. Stop by my studio at 23 Hispanola Place (call first 250 755-7306) to see my landscapes, still life, botanicals, and abstracts. Or visit my online gallery and learn about my books and my classes in watercolour and acrylic.
250 755-7306

Monique Bee
I make and sell beeswax candles, aromatherapy blends and mists, milk bath, bath salts, colour baths, lipbalms, melting massage bars, body powders, handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Email or call to check out my products.
250 618-4513

Carl Ashley
I have hand drawn seasonal greeting cards. To view the collection give me a call. Individual cards are $6.00 each. Four for $20.00
250 668-7351

Margaret Harris
I have been sewing (ladies jackets, totes, assorted styles of ponchos, purse organizers, scarves). Go onto Facebook and search:" Made by Maggie" to see samples of these.

Protection Island Cookbooks
$20 each or 3 for $50

Vicky MacFarlane

Rick Scott
David Essig
John Gogo

Jodi LeMasurier
Everybody Deserves A Smile
Community homeless project

Protection Collection CD's I and II
(first was released in 2006?; 2nd in 2010)
Entirely island talent
CDs are for sale at Javawocky, DD Pub
Or contact Peter or Tom
Anthony's website
"The Protection Collection" is a compilation fundraising CD of Protection Island musicians — from toddlers to seniors. Part community building exercise and part fundraising initiative, the diverse CD reflects the small island's culture.


PI Munchies
Protection Island's very own ice cream truck. Will deliver ice cream and small treats.
Rhonda Coughlin-Mutch
Rhonda will also deliver what you want, when you want it. Email pimunchies@gmail.com

Dinghy Dock Pub
250 753-2373

Gift Certificates available at:
Gina's Mexican Cafe
250 753-5411

Delicados Southwestern Cafe
250 753-6524

Trollers Fish & Chips
250 741-1609

Javawocky Coffee House
250 753-1688

Repairs & Maintenance

(someone on PI has recommended them)

Appliance Repair

Luke Francescutti
Home Appliance Services (also does light plumbing and electrical work)
Cell: 250 755-6068


Will Chadwick with P.I. Supply
Landing craft offering door-to-door pickup and drop-off at $68 per hour

Mhindy Mayer (on PI)
Small barge capable of carrying a car or light truck (up to 8,000 pounds). Limited availability.
250-538-7408 or 250-739-9541

Larry Wardill
Big barge capable of carrying one or two large trucks (60,000+ pounds). $350 per hour)
250 616-6000

Boat launching


Mat Colleret
250 714-5902 (on PI) or

Bruce McQuade
cell: 250 802-4010

Carpet cleaning

David Melsness
Two Knights Carpet Cleaning 250 619-9385

House Cleaning

Lisa Wilson (On PI)
250 668-3667

Erin Richter (On PI)

Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

, 250 754-2243
WETT Inspections

Terry Gordon (on PI)
250 753-8769

Olivers Power Vac
250 754-2243



Drywall Repairs

Eliot Ashley
(on PI) 250 753-9523 or 250 668-7591 (small jobs)


Vern Kuiack with Westshore Electric (on PI)


Burn Dry Wood
250 334-3339

Gardening and Landscape

Jane Teskey (on PI)
250-741-8105 or

Lauren Aul (on PI)

Lisa Wilson (on PI)

Golf cart repair

Chris Mutch (On PI)

Ron from Isle Golf Cars


The Gutter Man
(Ed 250-954-8996)

Terry Gordon (on PI)
tggordon@island.net or terryggordon@gmail.com


Christopher Coughlin-Mutch (on PI)
Renovations, including deck building and upkeep, doors and windows, plumbing, simple wiring and drywall. Specializes in West Coast rustic log work. His experience insures that jobs are done right the first time, and will not complete a job with known issues such as rot.
250-753-8334, CedarImages40@gmail.com

Heat Pump Technician

Sean Durrell, SMD Mechanical
250 615-1558

Hydraulic splitter

rent from Harry Wilson (on PI)

Insects and Pests

V.I. Pest Doctor

The Bug Man

Lawn Mowing

Kaden Faris (On PI)
Got Grass? My name is Kaden, and I have a young strong back for hire. My main job on the island is mowing lawn, and I have all the equipment for it. That's not all I do, though; I can rake leaves, stack wood, weed whack, pull weeds, clean ponds, wash windows ... you name it, I'll quote it. My rates are reasonable, and everyone who has hired me has been extremely pleased with my work.
Call 250-753-7999, or Email KadenFaris@gmail.com

Marine Electrician

Terry Turnbull



Eliot Ashley
(on PI) 250 753-9523 or 250 668-7591

Parks maintenance

Plumbing repairs

Harbour City Plumbing
250 585-2727

Pressure Washing

Propane delivery

CanWest Propane


Will Chadwick
250 751-4877


Lu & Garth Switzer
renovations, interior design, purchasing

Roof Repairs

Blake at Erickson Roofing

Terry Gordon (on PI)
tggordon@island.net or terryggordon@gmail.com

Septic Pumping

A1 Septic
250-753-7552 ex 28

City of Nanaimo's homeowners septic manual

Septic Repairs

Terry Gordon (on PI)
tggordon@island.net or terryggordon@gmail.com

Snow removal

Tree Services

John Racine, Ship to Shore Tree Service
250 668-2186

Terry Gordon (on PI)

Colin Rombough

Vancouver Island Tree Service Ltd.
(Troy Soderstrom
) 250 618-7914



Wood Splitting


Window cleaning

Dave Wilson (Victoria)
(once or twice a year)


P.I. Lions Medical Equipment


Beacon House Renovation Fundraising
Ways to Participate:
1. Get your Thrifty Smile Card today -
For a Smile Card linked to our PI fundraising, call Sharie Biller at 250-740-1156
(144 Pirates Lane) or Nella Frewin at 250-741-0542 (168 Pirates Lane). We will also
have them available at Lions Club functions.
Simply load up your Smile Card at any cashier at Thriftys and then use it like a
Gift Card to buy your regular groceries. No extra cost and you still use your Air
miles card.
Thrifty Foods will donate 5% of all purchases to us.

2. The Soap Exchange
- If you shop at the eco-friendly store at Country Club Mall for cleaning products,
shampoo, soap etc (and gifts), they will donate 10% of all purchases to our Beacon
House fundraising project. Simply identify yourself as a supporter of PI Lions Club.
Medical Equipment Available thru PI Lions Club:
1) New Electric Hospital Bed
2) New Commode/ Shower Chair
3) Tub chairs
4) Wheeler walkers (with basket and small seat attached)
5) many pairs of aluminum crutches –different heights
6) many different canes – heights/styles

Elder Care Services
Certified Home Care Worker. Extensive experience working with elderly clients who
have diverse medical conditions. Also able to offer assistance with activities such
personal care, bathing, dressing
meal preparation
medication management
post-operative care
home safety and accessibility
transportation, appointments and shopping
hospital and care home visits,
navigating the health care system, and
transitions in care.
Registered in good-standing with the B.C. Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry.

Thurs evenings, Beacon House
250 327-4794

Boot Camp:
Denise and Penny
Monday & Friday mornings 9:30-10:30am Pirates Park
$15 drop-in

Grocery Run
Will Chadwick
, every other Wednesday. Shop at Thriftys on Tuesday, tell them its for the Protection Island run. They will hold it overnight and Will/Jase will deliver next day.
Jase/Will 250-751-4877
Or contact Valley Hennell at


Tamera Brant
. I have many years experience as a harptist performing weddings, parties, Christmas,
special events, functions etc. I am also available as a harp teacher. I would
be willing to volunteer as a harpist for charity events
as well.
250 755-1958

Registered Massage Therapist
Kathleen Wood
604 785-4015

from Gavin Soanes
To Activate a Shaw Cable HD-PVR box for your HD-TV on Protection Island, the Shaw
Technician has to know the following:
1. HD-PVR box has to be set by Shaw for one-way communication and not two-way (as
we are not currently able to receive Video-on Demand or Shaw Phone on P.I. because
SHAW signal to here is not currently capable of two-way communication).
2. Channel Map for P.I. is special #610 and NOT #601 which is for Nanaimo (other
than P.I.).
3. Tech says on initial Activation you cannot have a splitter in your coaxial cable?,
but after initial activation it is O.K. to have a splitter in the coaxial cable line.
I learned the hard way after several hours on the phone talking to countless Shaw
technicians. Don't let them tell you it's a signal problem, you need a booster/amplifier,
you need a service call, etc.(they told me I had to wait until Sept. 5 for a service
call to P.I.) Pro-Isle it turns out is unique for reasons 1 and 2 above. Hopefully
this will save you a hassle with Shaw and keep your blood pressure down!!!

Video & DVD/TV Assistance
Gary, Hook-It Up Audio Video Services 250-619-8737
hooks up DVD player, video, speakers, etc
$60 per hour fast/efficient
(not on PI)


MLS Island Realtors:

Jane Garcia
tel: 250-716-7001
Jane's website

Ralph Kirby
tel 250-734-1712
Ralph's Website

Short Term Rentals:

Daily and weekly year-round accommodation. Unit includes 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, large living room, woodstove, kitchen, patio with BBQ. Lots of extras. Kids welcome - playhouse and toys available. For more info visit
, or contact Wendy or Cory at 250-753-8671 or

Paige Cottage is situated on a secluded lot at the centre of the island providing a lovely, peaceful retreat. The cottage has two bedrooms with queen beds and sleeps four people comfortably or can be an ideal romantic getaway just for two.

For Sale

No current listings

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